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The following literature and forms are applicable to Schroder Provident Plan members only, other ORSO scheme members please contact your human resources or pension scheme administrator.

Members are kindly reminded to read and understand the offering documents before subscribing to any Schroder Provident Plan portfolio.

The literature and forms below are available for download:

For Employee
Action Forms Download 
To change investment choice of future contribution/accumulated asset Change in Asset Allocation/Asset Switching (Quarterly)Change in Asset Allocation/Asset Switching (Quarterly)
To change investment choice of future contribution/accumulated asset (Monthly) Change in Asset Allocation/Asset Switching Form (Monthly)Change in Asset Allocation/Asset Switching Form (Monthly)
Transfering MPF Benefits Minimum MPF Benefits Transfer FormMinimum MPF Benefits Transfer Form
For Employers
Action Forms Download 
Enrol in Schroder Provident Plan Application Form (For Employers)Application Form (For Employers)
Enrol in Schroder Provident Plan Membership Enrolment Form (For Employees)Membership Enrolment Form (For Employees)
Amendments to employees details Notice of Admendments to Employee's Registration DetailsNotice of Admendments to Employee's Registration Details
Stop in contribution Notice of Stop ContributionNotice of Stop Contribution
Notice of Employee Termination by Employer Notice of TerminationNotice of Termination
Transfer of Employee Notice of TransferNotice of Transfer
Amendment in Salary/ Contribution Notice to Salary/ Contribution AmendmentNotice to Salary/ Contribution Amendment
* This is for self-employed person, personal account holder or employee ceasing employment.

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Investment involves risk and investors may not get back the amount originally invested. Past performance is not indicative of future performance. Please read the relevant offering document carefully, in particular fund features and risks factors.

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